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Do I have to accept an insurance expert?


There is no obligation to accept the vehicle appraiser from the insurance company of the other party in the accident. As the injured party, you have the absolute right to involve an independent and unbiased expert of your choice.

After an accident that was not their fault, those affected are often contacted by the insurance company of the person who caused the accident. The insurance company would like to send its own motor vehicle expert as quickly as possible. A motor vehicle expert from the opposing insurance company primarily represents the interests of the insurance company that is responsible for settling the damage and therefore endeavors to estimate the damage as low as possible.

By hiring an independent vehicle appraiser of your choice, you can ensure that your interests are adequately represented. An independent appraiser will conduct an objective analysis of the vehicle damage and assist you with repair costs, depreciation, compensation for lost use, etc.

It is important to know that if the other party in the accident is clearly at fault, the costs for the independent expert will be covered 100% by their insurance.

Therefore, make use of your right to an independent and neutral vehicle expert! In this way, you can ensure that your damage is comprehensively assessed and that your rights are protected!

What is the difference to the cost estimate? Can I always order an appraisal?

We have noticed that many of our customers feel insecure when the insurance company of the person who caused the accident contacts them.

We attach great importance to creating clarity and explaining the rights of those injured in an understandable way.

The insurance company's main goal is often to minimize the costs of having its own appraiser. Therefore, reference is often made to rough cost estimates or estimates. Nowadays there are even remote appraisals and apps available where all you have to do is upload pictures of your damage. A clerk then takes over the calculation. Unfortunately, the result often turns out to be not very meaningful.

In order to adequately assess the damage, a personal assessment by an independent vehicle expert is essential. Only this expert is able to identify hidden damage under the panels. In some cases, components need to be dismantled, the fault memory can be read to identify defective sensors, or it is necessary to check the axle geometry, especially if the wheel area is affected.

You always have the right to call in an independent and neutral vehicle expert who will objectively calculate and evaluate the damage.

A comprehensive accident report is the only way to precisely calculate damage.

An important advantage of an accident report: If additional damage occurs during the repair that was not apparent at the beginning, the motor vehicle expert can expand the damage amount in the report and the insurance company is obliged to cover the entire damage incurred. In addition, an expert opinion also serves as evidence through professional photo documentation. This is not the case with a cost estimate.

What is included in an estimate?

- Rough calculation of the repair work including spare parts

What is included in an accident report?

- Preservation of evidence (using qualified photo documentation with a surveyor's rod, dent sail, gap measuring wedge, etc.)

- Vehicle data of the accident vehicle, including condition, tires, previous and old damage, and condition of the vehicle during the inspection

- Detailed damage photos

- Detailed description of the damage

- Comprehensive damage calculation, including all relevant additional costs

- Indication of the expected repair time

- Estimation of loss of use

- Determination of the replacement value

- Estimation of the replacement period

- Determination of the residual value

- Information about the other party involved in the accident

- Information about the insurance of the other party involved in the accident

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