Why does an accident report make sense?

In order to determine the exact damage and the amount of damage after a traffic accident, an accident report must be prepared. Only in this way can all claims for damages be asserted against the person who caused the accident or his insurance company.

Subsequently, you will receive a meaningful accident report, which expertly documents the damage incurred, ensures a fair and quick process with the insurance companies involved and thus saves you a lot of time and unnecessary complications.

The following points are documented in an accident report:

  • Repair cost calculation / damage amount
  • Replacement value
  • Residual value
  • Decrease in value / reduced value
  • Loss of use and repair duration
Is a cost estimate also sufficient? What is the difference to an accident report?

We have made the experience that many customers are very uncertain when they are contacted by the opposing insurance company.

It is important to us to clarify and explain what rights an injured party has.

First and foremost, the insurance company wants to save itself the costs of an expert. Therefore, they refer to a cost estimate or a cost estimation. Remote appraisals and apps are now offered where you simply upload pictures of your damage. A clerk will then do the calculation. Unfortunately, the result is always off. The damage must be inspected by a free and independent automotive expert. Only this expert can also estimate which parts under the panels are damaged. Sometimes components have to be dismantled, the fault memory can be read out to determine defective sensors or the axle geometry has to be measured in case of impacts in the wheel area.

You always have the right to a free and independent automotive expert who will calculate and evaluate your damage neutrally.

Damage can only be accurately calculated on the basis of a detailed accident report.

A decisive advantage of an accident appraisal: If further damage is discovered during the repair that was not recognizable at first glance, the motor vehicle expert can expand the damage amount in the appraisal and the insurance company must pay the entire damage incurred. In addition, an expert opinion is also the preservation of evidence through the qualified photo documentation. This is not the case with a cost estimate.


Was ist in einem Kostenvoranschlag enthalten?

  • Überschlägig kalkulierte Reparaturarbeiten inkl. Ersatzteilen

Was ist in einem Unfallgutachten enthalten? 

  • sichert Beweise (durch qualifizierte Fotodokumetation mit Geometerstab, Dellensegel, Spaltmesskeil,…)
  • Fahrzeugdaten des Unfallfahrzeuges inkl. Zustand, Bereifung, Vorschäden, Altschäden, Zustand des Fahrzeugs bei Besichtigung
  • detaillierte Schadenbilder
  • detaillierte Schadenbeschreibung
  • detaillierte Schadenkalkulation inkl. aller anfallenden Nebenkosten
  • Angabe der Reparaturdauer
  • Angabe des Nutzungsausfalls
  • Ermittlung des Wiederbeschaffungswertes
  • Angabe der Wiederbeschaffungsdauer
  • Ermittlung des Restwertes
  • Angaben zum Unfallgegner
  • Angaben zur Versicherung des Unfallgegners
Do I have to accept a motor vehicle expert provided by the opposing insurance company?


After an accident that was not their fault, injured parties are often contacted by the other party's insurance company. The insurance company wants to send its own motor vehicle expert as quickly as possible. A motor vehicle expert from the opposing insurance company primarily represents the interests of the insurance company, which must pay for the damage, and therefore calculates the damage as low as possible.

Therefore, use your right to an independent and free motor vehicle expert! Only in this way can you be sure that your damage will be calculated in full and that you will receive what you are entitled to!

Who pays for the damage report?

The costs for the motor vehicle expert and the accident report shall be borne by the insurance company of the party responsible for the accident if the other party is 100% at fault.

Who chooses the motor vehicle expert after an accident?

Every injured party has the right to contact a free and independent automotive expert after an accident.