Buying advice

Wir fahren mit Ihnen zusammen oder allein zum jeweiligen Gebrauchtwagen und begutachten das Fahrzeug für Sie.

Would you like to buy a used vehicle, but you are not sure if it promises and is worth what the seller says? Do you have difficulties in buying a used car, are you interested in a vehicle that you unfortunately cannot inspect yourself or are you prevented from attending the inspection appointments?

We will drive with you or on your behalf to the respective dream car and inspect the vehicle for you. Subsequently, you will receive from us an accurate assessment of the offer, on which you can rely. During this inspection, the following facts are checked so that you are on the safe side when buying your used car:

  • Detailed examination of the vehicle
  • Comparison of the vehicle documents and the chassis number
  • Plausibility check of the mileage reading
  • Determination of the real vehicle value
  • Documentation of existing damage and signs of use
  • Check for previous damage with a paint thickness gauge
  • Functional test of all components
  • Individual model and vehicle-specific examination
  • Test drive (with you, if you are present)

Price according to expenditure (UVP), per hour 159 € net plus travel expenses

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.